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Providing Limousine Service Through Out Peel Region


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Toll Free: +1 833-361-5466

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Terms & Conditions

1. Limousine deposits are non-refundable. Waterloo Limousine Service is to be paid in full at the first pick up address.

2. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating capacity.

3. If client exceeds the time set above by 15 minutes an additional charge of $90.00 will be applied.

4. Waterloo Limousine Service regrets that we are not responsible for any articles left in our vehicles, nor are we held liable for any unforeseen delays caused by circumstances beyond our control
such as traffic accidents, mechanical breakdowns, or road conditions (weather/heavy traffic), etc. In the
unlikely event that a last minute mechanical breakdown puts a vehicle temporarily out of service Waterloo Limousine Service reserves the right to substitute an alternate vehicle (or vehicles) from our fleet.

5. Client assumes full financial responsibility for any damages requiring special cleaning or repairs to the

6. NO SMOKING is allowed in any of our vehicles. Waterloo Limousine Service does NOT provide Alcoholic Beverages and is not responsible for the consumption of alcohol among passengers.

7. Waterloo Limousine Service reserves the right to terminate the run or to eject any person found using drugs, intoxicants or behaving in an unsafe manner at the discretion of the driver without Any Refunds.

8. A 35% cancellation Fee will be applied for cancellations within 72 hours of any event and full amount will be charged if reservation is canceled within 24 hours.

9. Clients are to be seated at all times while vehicle is moving. We will not be held responsible for any injuries suffered by any client or their guests.

10. By signing this agreement, you agree to indemnify and save harmless Waterloo Limousine Service against any and all claims for personal injury suffered by the client or their guests, other than claims caused by the negligence or willful misconduct of Waterloo Limousine Service. You also acknowledge and agree that under no circumstances shall any claims against Waterloo Limousine
Service for damages or liability exceed the full amount of the contract price.

11. By Submitting a deposit you agree to all terms and conditions in this contract. To confirm your reservation please send your deposit to email: info@WaterlooLimousineservice.ca
If you have any further questions or concerns, Kindly give us a call.

226-476-3182 or 1833-361-5466

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